I have been collecting Naismith & Roundway figures for at least 25 years. The 15mm ranges are excellent wargaming figures and the 25mm figures are still exceptionally good after many years.

I shall be updating this site over the coming days/weeks, it is still a work in progress, but it is working for the purpose of buying figures right now via paypal or post.

When I first bought Naismith and Roundway I hadn’t realized quite how many figures there were. Particularly the 25mm which I will be producing as soon as I can as well re-introduce the 15mm ACW, Alexandrian/Hellenistic Greek & a delightful little range of Medievals. Please be patient as I get it all together.

The Naismith bags are 6 foot or 3 cavalry/mounted for £1.80 and Roundway are 8 foot or 4 cavalry/mounted for £2.40. There are 3 or 4 exceptions in the Roundway range which are indicated.

The 25mm bags contain 3 foot or 1 mounted figure with horse.

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  1. Hi John, early days I know (so don’t expect everything to be perfect), but all Napoleonic packs are listed under ‘Napoleonic’, but not searchable, nor are the packs listed under countries. So, clicking on Sweden, for example, gives ‘no results found’. Was about to place a small order, but gave up looking for the packs I wanted. Will try again in a few weeks time.
    Was wondering about postal charges? Can’t see them listed anywhere, nor any contact details either (apart from this form on welcome page) which should be listed on your website due to UK distance selling legislation.

    Good to see the Naismith Napoleonic range continue, although you have a very hard act to follow (Tony ‘s turnaround speed and customer service is second to none!). Is it your intention to eventually have photos of each figure type? (BBC1’s War and Peace has spurred me on to create a Pierre Bezukhov figure – Swedish line officer conversion perhaps?) Now if you could just persuade Mike Naismith to fill the few small holes in the range…

    Good luck with your venture!

        1. That’s the thing, I can’t access Navwar’s list anymore. So I can’t be sure, but it just seemed like there were more Korean codes.

  2. A close friend recently passed away and had a quantity of new/unopened Naismith models. Would you be interested in purchasing them back?

  3. Hi. Have you any photos of the Napoleonic Swedes ? I have some from many years ago, but I am not sure if they are yours and I want some more. Thanks.

  4. Congratulations on purchasing the ranges. Glad to see them continuing. One point about the 15mm ranges. Napoleonics are usually sold in packs of eight for soldiers with commands in sixes. The main issue with command packs is people often end up with excess figures when creating command stands especially when they need two standard bearers in a unit.

    1. Hi Drew,
      Yes I know that most figure sellers pack in 8’s but Navwar have always sold the naismith figures in 6’s or 3’s which I am bound to continue for the time being. I do plan to change this in due course so they will be in 8’s & 4’s respectively. Some command packs might need some thought.
      Also, thanks for your pointers regarding this business, duly noted and working on!

      John R.

  5. Congratulations on taking over the Naismith and Roundway miniatures. Tony is such a lovely bloke to deal with he will be a hard act to follow! Like you I have been collecting these figures for many years and just love their quality and versatility. Despite being seduced to the “darkside” of 18mm, I have always returned to my old favourites.
    Good luck in your venture!

    1. Mal,
      Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Tony has been hugely supportive along the way so far for which I am eternally grateful. I too have been lured to that dark side but will speak no more of it 🙂

      John R.

      1. Hi John,
        If it would help I have photos of many of the Naismith and Roundway figures, including Swedes, beautifully painted from my own collection. I’d be happy for you to use them.

        1. Hey Mal, so sorry for not responding sooner. I have in mind to set up a section for customers to post pictures of their painted figures but still getting to grips with this website stuff :-/
          Please be patient & stay tuned for this.
          John R.

  6. Hi John,

    Delighted to find that the Naismith 15mm still seem to be available – what an unexpected surprise! I had simply assumed they had stopped being produced years ago. I always thought that the Central and South American ranges had a real feel and character about them, much more than any other figures from other manufacturers did. Can you confirm the availability of the Ina and Aztec ranges for me please, in the hope that that I might finally complete a couple of very long-standing projects??

    Many thanks – and good luck in keeping these fine ranges “alive”.



    1. Hi David, yes the South American range is available right now. I believe the listing is complete for those (still working on the napoleonics!) So feel free to make an order.
      John R.

        1. Hi Joe, i just tried to but it won’t/can’t send. If you list here what you would be interested in I can let you know what is available right now. I have pretty much all the hellenistic range in stock but how many bags of each is the issue. I am happy to spin some up but that will add time to get the order out to you.
          John R.

          1. I tried to place a order and wanted one of each. Are you able to see what was ordered.
            Also it would not take the number I had listed. I can’t tell you how happy this has made me.

            Thank you so much

  7. Hi John,

    I’m looking to buy some Napoleonic Cossack packs (RN21) as I need to add to some old Naismith Cossacks that came to me in a set. I’m wondering if you could do me a huge favor and send me a picture of RN21?

  8. Great to see these ranges back in full swing, and with a proper website to boot!

    I’ve update the Ancients, Renaissance and Napoleonic listings on my website to reflect the new ownership and url for you. Hope it drives some trade for you!

    http://www.madaxeman.com/main/15mm_ancients_suppliers.php – Ancients
    http://www.madaxeman.com/main/15mm_renaissance_suppliers_text.php – Renaissance
    http://www.madaxeman.com/main/15mm_Napoleonic_suppliers.php – Napoleonics

      1. John,

        As others have posted, I’m really glad to see the Naismith range continue.

        You noted you hope to have the entire catalog in production by summer. I’ve just returned to 15s after several years and want to expand my 15mm Naismith Mauryan Indian army from being a DBA army to a full-sized army. When do you anticipate having that range available for order? They’ve always been amongst my favorites…

        Tx – and good luck!

        – Bill

        1. Hi Bill, I confess I had to look up Mauryan Empire! The figures are from the 15mm Hellenistic Range I believe. If you know the codes I could hustle up the figures for you. Failing that the figure description cos it is a very small part of a smallish range. I would sort out the listing on the website for you to complete an order.
          How does that sound?

          John R.

          1. John,

            Just spent an entertaining hour or so going through the old catalogs box w/o any luck at all. The figures I have (& would like more of) include:

            a) Elephant w/3 crew straddling back
            b) Unarmored cavalry with shield and javelin, bare upper body
            c) Foot archer standing w/the bow, not shooting, skirted w/bare upper body
            d) Foot swordsman, skirted, bare upper body, sword held 2-handed over head
            e) 4-horse chariot w/3 crew w/javelins/bows

            I believe there was a bit more to the range but these are the only items I was able to obtain. I.e. there may have been a pack of command figures and also possibly spearmen.


            – Bill

          2. Bill,
            I just sent you an email. Pity about the catalogue but I recognise the descriptions from the original ‘proofs’, the figures used to make the molds. I shall dig out the molds to check what else there are for the Indians and liaise with you by email?

            John R.

  9. Just put a small order through to fill some gaps in my 1815 Prussian army……yet more Landwehr to paint :(.
    First order for Naismith under new management. Found the website very clear and easy to use, but really needs some pictures…..well lots of pictures actually!

    1. Hi Rob,
      thank you for your order and kind words. I do intend to be posting some pictures soon. I am behind with this and there are several requests outstanding already. These include napoleonic Swedes, Russian cossack and some 25mm Greeks. Have you any requests?
      John R.

  10. Hi,
    Good to see the range continues.
    I was wondering whether it is possible to get separate horses? I bought a selection of the Roundway Medieval to Renaissance range and would like to mix and match the horses more.

  11. Hi John,
    I’m looking to do some Conquistadores and Incas. Many folks say the figure line is good so not having pictures is ok. However, as I live in the U.S., I’m in need of shipping rate information.


  12. I am happy to hear the 15mm Alexandrian range will be seeing the light of day again, as I bought out the last stocks of pikemen Naismith had about 10 year ago, and you can never have enough phalangites in making up a phalanx……

    1. Hi Luke,
      I didn’t even know about the 15mm Greeks (or the 15mm Medievals) till after acquiring naismith figures! I suspect it was longer than 10 years ago you bought those pikemen 🙂
      Stay tuned cos I will be re introducing ALL the ranges eventually this year.

    1. Hi Andrew, thanks, some very good work there. Once I get the Facebook page up feel free to share. (I must stress that only Naismith and Roundway figures can be shown).

  13. Could you please give me an indication of how big the Roundway 15mm Medieval/Renaissance ranges are eg height foot to eye and whether slender or bulky etc. I have some of the GNW range so a comparison with them would help!



  14. John,
    Box o’ Indian Goodness arrived a couple of days ago, in perfect shape!
    I appreciate the spares as well as the banners – always useful! – but two things stood out in the order: 1) I’m not sure I’ve ever received an order that was better packed (bags of troops were heavily bubble-wrapped) and 2) the casting quality is better, if possible, than that of my original troops acquired years ago, i.e. you obviously spent some time getting it “right”…
    Now, off to paint…
    – Bill

  15. Hello John have you considered adding pictures of your lines up on the webstore or a comparison with other ranges like Essex etc to give customers an idea of the size of your miniatures?

    1. Hi Omar,yes I have, see the Naismith napoleon Swedish range for my pitiful efforts. I do intend to get this done but have been plagued by health issues and technical difficulties this year (a slipped disc has been diagnosed and my camera phone died!)
      Suffice to say, the Naismith design are true 15’s and the Roundway are like chunkier minified. The Naismith 25’s would fit with Essex and several other manufacturers (I bought some 25mm Foundry Scythian heavy cavalry and King/general figure to compliment my collection of Naismith scythian horse archers, for example).

  16. Hi John,

    I was going through some old figures when I came across several packs of 15mm Naismith medieval foot figures I got from NAVWAR, but I can’t recall exactly what figures they are. They are numbered MM4, MM5, MM6, MM9, MM17, MM18 and MM20. They don’t seem to match your current catalogue listings. Could you possibly tell me what figures I have? Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.


    Bob DeSilva

    1. Hi Bob,
      There is a 15mm range of Medievals but it was discontinued so long ago there doesn’t seem to be a list anymore. Which is a nuisance cos I have the moulds and want to re-introduce them!

      I’m sorry this is all I can offer at this time.

      John R.

  17. I’m glad to see someone has Naimsith/Roundway in stock.
    I placed a small order yesterday to test the waters.
    If this turns out well, I will definitely be doing some more business as both of these figure manufacturers are some of my favorites.


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